Foods That Make Your Heart Strong As A Rock

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There are some very special foods that can make your heart strong as a rock.

Okay, they are not really that special – they are foods that we eat every day! Little do many of us realise what the real effects of these foods are, so I thought I would write a simple article on some of the commonly consumed foods that will make your heart strong.

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The soluble fiber in apples can keep cholesterol low and sugars controlled. Definitely keeps the doctor away!


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Switch to oats for your breakfast and kick start your heart in the healthy way!


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Garlic can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Consume regularly. Rinse with mouthwash after!

Oily Fish

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The healthy oils in tuna and salmon unclog arteries and make your heart fit as a fiddle.

Green Tea

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Sip on green tea throughout the day to keep your mind active and heart like Superman.


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Tomatoes have lycopene which magically reduces the risk of heart disease. Who would have thought!


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Rich in antioxidants and protein. Soy will make your heart 'soy-soy' strong!


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Tiny little red pearls have antioxidants that keep your blood pure and heart clean as a whistle


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Green leafy veggies are packed with folate that keep your heart ticking like a clock. Consume daily.



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