Lower Risk Of Cancer – The Natural Way

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If you are looking to lower risk of cancer, then this article should give you some tips you need.

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating news. It not just affects family members – it also affects those around them greatly.

Despite advances in medicine, cancer is still rampant and can affect even the healthiest of people.

Some may even develop cancer even if there is no history in the family.

Non-smokers can develop lung cancer.

The entire dynamic has changed over the last couple of decades, making it even more important to take the right steps to reduce your risk.

Now, I am not going to rattle on about preventive measures such as stopping smoking, exercising more or even avoiding alcohol as ways to prevent cancer – you probably already know that.

What I am going to touch upon is the natural ways you could lower risk of cancer – foods, diets etc. Let’s go….


broccoli lower risk of cancer

Love it or hate it, broccoli is here to stay. This green beauty is packed with nutritional elements and compounds such as sulforaphane that possess powerful anti-cancer properties.

In particular, broccoli is believed to lower the risk of colon cancer. Try it steamed or in a soup.

I recommend Gordon Ramsay’s easy broccoli soup recipe – its quick, easy and a delight!


I am not talking about green beans – those are great anyway. I am talking about black beans, rajma etc that are high in protein and fiber.

Once again, regular consumption of these may help lower your chance of developing colon cancer.


how to reduce cancer risk

Yum! I love it when strawberries are in season, though it is a shame that other berries are hard to find in our country.

Beside strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are ‘superfoods’. Their power antioxidant properties have been shown time and again to lower risk of cancer and heart disease.

Munch on a few everyday to get your anti-cancer boost.


nuts to reduce cancer

Who doesn’t love to chow down a fistful of nuts now and again?

Walnuts, almonds, peanuts – these are certainly foods you need to eat as a snack now and again.

Studies show that they lower the risk of not just colon cancer, but also pancreatic and endometrial cancer.


A popular additive in curries and desserts, cinnamon is a pleasant addition to your anti-cancer armamentarium.

Mix it with your morning tea and get your anti-cancer hit for the day! Stay away from the cinnamon dusted doughnuts though!

Olive Oil

Popular in the Mediterranean, olive oil usage has gone up in India, as has the price! If you can afford it, use it more often in your cooking.

Cold pressed oils are the best but do avoid deep frying your food in it – you will reap no benefits. Pour generously on your salad, or you could even just gulp down a few ml of olive oil every day.

Check out olive oil selections on Amazon here.

Closing Remarks

There are many more foods that can help lower your risk of cancer. It is all about making wise choices in your diet and preventing cancer the natural way.

Dr Vivek Baliga B
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