Dr Vivek Baliga

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Dr. Vivek Baliga practices internal medicine and cardiology as a consultant in Bangalore, India. He is both the managing partner and a consultant at Baliga Diagnostics Pvt Limited. Both Aster RV Hospital and Fortis Hospital have him on staff as a visiting consultant.

About Dr Vivek Baliga

Dr Vivek Baliga

Dr. Vivek Baliga attended the prestigious Manipal University for his medical training. After gaining some professional experience in India, he relocated to the United Kingdom and took positions in several hospitals in southern and central England. Dr. Vivek Baliga was able to join the UK’s prestigious Royal College of Physicians in 2006. 

He then spent several years studying internal medicine and cardiology in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Baliga also spent four years researching the role of certain cells in the lining of blood arteries for his doctoral dissertation. He also possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Lipid Management (PGDLM) from Middlesex University in the UK, demonstrating his broad knowledge of the subject.

Dr. Vivek Baliga pursued an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Arizona, USA, since he was interested in healthcare administration. This prepared him well for the business world and continues to help him run his diagnostic facility.

Awards And Competitions

Dr. Vivek Baliga won an online echocardiography competition hosted by 123sonography (affiliated with the University of Vienna) and was awarded a Diploma in Echocardiography from the University of Vienna.

As secretary to the Indian Academy Of Echocardiography, he was awarded the National Indian Academy Award for Best Chapter in 2018.

dr vivek baliga cardiologist award winner

Dr. Vivek Baliga, upon arriving in India, realized the urgent need for expanding people’s knowledge of cardiovascular and general health. Dr. Baliga has created a business called “HeartSense” which already features over 500 articles written by him.

Dr. Vivek hopes that HeartSense will become the go-to place online for health information one day.

HeartSense isn’t the only publication Dr. Baliga has written; he also founded and edits Sowkhya Magazine, the company’s official publication. This magazine is read by a lot of patients and their families because it is available online.

Dr Vivek has a keen interest in the role of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and is constantly updating his knowledge on what he believes will be a big part of healthcare in years to come.

He uses his spare time for athletic pursuits like running and strength training. His time with his son is the most precious to him.

You can connect with Dr Vivek Baliga on LinkedIn here.

Radio Interviews

Time and again, Dr Vivek Baliga is interviewed for his expert opinions on different medical conditions. Recently, he provided input into hypertension management for the popular radio station, Red FM. He has since been on numerous channels. 

You can listen to him on Indigo Radio here.

If you wish to review his professional experience, you can visit here.

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