Dr Vivek Baliga

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Dr Vivek Baliga is a consultant in Internal medicine and cardiologist based in Bangalore. He is a practising consultant at Baliga Diagnostics Pvt Limited, of which he is the managing partner as well. He is a visiting consultant at Aster RV Hospital and Fortis Hospital.

Dr Vivek BaligaDr Vivek Baliga completed his medical education in 2001 from the reputed Manipal University. Following a short stint of working in India, he moved to the United Kingdom where he worked at a number of different hospitals in the south of England and the middle. During this time, Dr Vivek Baliga obtained his Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom in 2006.

He proceeded to continue his training in the UK, completing a few years in Internal medicine and cardiology.

Following this, Dr Baliga proceeded to complete 4 years of a doctorate, studying the function of certain cells that line the blood vessels. He has also extensively studied lipid management and has a Post Graduate Diploma In Lipid Management (PGDLM) from Middlesex University, UK.

Due to his keen interest in the business of healthcare, Dr Vivek Baliga moved on to complete an MBA from the University of Phoenix in Arizona, USA. This helped him gain a good grasp of business concepts and aids the running of his diagnostic center today.

Recently, Dr Vivek Baliga won the online contest in echocardiography conducted by 123sonography (attached to University of Vienna) and secured a Diploma in Echocardiography from that University.

After moving to India, Dr Vivek Baliga noted the need for better education of the public with regards to health and heart disease. He started his venture ‘HeartSense’ which currently has over 350 articles that are written by Dr Baliga. His articles are received well by his readers, and this has only inspired him to keep on writing more and more.

It is a dream for Dr Vivek to have HeartSense as the ‘go to’ portal for information on health in the future.

In addition to HeartSense, Dr Baliga is also the author of Sowkhya Magazine, the official magazine of Baliga Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. This magazine is very popular among patients and their family members, and boasts readership in various parts of the world through their online portal.

In this spare time, he enjoys playing sports and running. The time he enjoys the most is with his son.

You can connect with Dr Vivek Baliga on LinkedIn here.

Radio Interviews

Time and again, Dr Vivek Baliga is interviewed for his expert opinions of different medical conditions. Recently, he provided input into hypertension management for the popular radio station, Red FM.

You can listen to him on Indigo Radio here.

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