Heart Attack

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Heart disease affects millions of individuals across India. It is estimated that by 2020, around 30% of the Indian population will suffer from coronary artery disease.

Unfortunately, heart disease is not just a disease of the middle aged to elderly any more – it is now affecting the younger population group. Women are also prone to developing heart attacks, with a frequency that is fast approaching that of men.

One reason for the increase in the number of heart attacks is the rising incidence of risk factors, along with the lack of information regarding heart disease. For this reason, we have offered a detailed description on the various aspects of heart attacks, and what you need to know about it.

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What is a heart attack? Heart attacks can be painful and distressing. Learn more here.
Types of heart attacks: Heart attacks can be of different types. Read more about them here.

Chest pain
Symptoms and signs: Heart attacks can have different symptoms. Learn about them here.
Flat line alert on heart monitor
Tests and Diagnosis: Heart attacks can be diagnosed with some simple tests. Read more here.

Surgeon Inserting Tube Into Patient During Surgery
Treatment: Treatments for heart attacks are many. Learn about what might be done here.
Complications: A heart attack can have serious complications. Learn about them here.


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