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HeartSense(TM) is a website that is built by doctors for patients. It is a free information portal that offers information on health and heart disease in a simple to understand language.

Some of the key features of our site include –

1. Simple to understand topics on health and heart disease written by doctors and edited by senior doctors.

2. Provision of free information leaflets and books that will promote health and well being of patients

3. A free email newsletter with health tips and strategies to keep the heart healthy

4. Images and diagrams that will aid understanding

5. Helpful products that patients can purchase should they wish to

6. Special discounts on health packages at diagnostic centers

Our team includes a group of highly qualified doctors who have a wealth of experience of looking after patients. In addition to these individuals, we have a whole team of marketers, web designers and brand management consultants, without whom this venture would not be possible.

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Found This Useful? Then Share It!

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