What Are Artificial Pacemakers?

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What are the Types of Pacemakers?

There are primarily three kinds of pacemakers –

1. Single chamber pacemaker

Here, a single wire i.e. lead is attached to the pacemaker pulse generator and is inserted into the heart. The wire is usually placed in the right ventricle.

2. Dual chamber pacemaker

Here, two leads that are attached to the pacemaker pulse generator are inserted into the heart. The first lead is inserted into the right ventricle while the secondĀ  is often inserted into the right atrium.

3. Bi-ventricular pacemaker

This is a specialised pacemakerĀ  that is used in the treatment of patients who have advanced heart failure and in whom the normal electrical conduction is disrupted.

The pacemaker leads are inserted into both ventricles and the contraction of both the chambers is synchronized with the help of the pacemaker. For this reason, this treatment is sometimes called cardiac resynchronisation therapy or CRT.

This treatment can help improve the function of the heart and the way the heart contracts.

Dr Vivek Baliga B

Dr Vivek Baliga B

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Dr Vivek Baliga B

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