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Frequently Asked Questions About Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Formerly Cardia Plus)

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Have you been looking online to see who can take Horlicks Diabetes Plus? Here is a brief look at who it is suitable for.

Horlicks Diabetes Plus is a health supplement brought to the market by Glaxo SmithKline Beecham, a reputed pharma and nutrition company. It is a popular supplement in the treatment of pre-diabetes and diabetes. It also has protective effects on the heart.

Diabetes affects over 65 million people in India. All patients with diabetes once had prediabetes. Currently, there are over 30 million people in India with prediabetes.

Statistics estimate that by the year 2030, there will be over 100 million people with diabetes, and a greater number with prediabetes.

People who have been diagnosed with prediabetes are always worried about when and whether they will develop diabetes. Clinical studies have shown that around 6 out of 10 people with prediabetes will develop diabetes within a year.

Making a drastic change with your lifestyle is one way of reducing this risk of conversion of prediabetes to diabetes. Eating healthy foods, keeping the sugar intake low and regular exercise can all help in a big way.

Horlicks Diabetes Plus is designed specifically to reduce this change from prediabetes to diabetes. It has this effect due to numerous components within it.

If you don’t have the time to go through this article, then this presentation should give you the answers you need. Please note this presentation is the same for Horlicks Diabetes Plus.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Horlicks Cardia Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horlicks Diabetes (Cardia) Plus

Who Can Take Horlicks Diabetes Plus?

Literally anyone who is looking to stay healthy can take Horlicks Diabetes Plus. This is because it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and protein that helps build tissues and restore energy levels.

However, if you have prediabetes and are looking to reduce your blood sugar levels, then this is the supplement for you.

It is also an ideal supplement for those with diabetes.

Is Horlicks Diabetes Plus Sugar Free?

Yes, it is. Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) does not contain any sugar and hence can be taken by people with both prediabetes and diabetes.

Taking this supplement does not increase blood sugar levels.

How Does Horlicks Diabetes Plus Work?

Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) has high quality soluble fiber in it at that can help reduce the amount of sugar and fats being absorbed into the blood stream.

When you consume your food, it is broken down into sugars and fats that provide energy to the body. However, these sugars can lead to blood sugar spikes in people with diabetes or prediabetes.

The soluble fiber helps reduce this sugar absorption and thus helps keep blood sugar levels under control.

In addition to this, soluble fiber has cholesterol lowering properties and can protect your heart.

Many individuals who take Diabetes Plus have noted that their bowel motions have improved and constipation has been relieved. While this is not an intended effect of the product, the soluble fiber is what leads to this.

So not only do you get a healthy heart; you also get a healthy gut!

Below is an example of the reviews online

Is Horlicks Diabetes Plus Vegetarian?

Yes, it is 100% vegetarian,

Can Horlicks Diabetes Plus ((Horlicks Cardia Plus) Help Me Lose Weight?

While this is not a primary reason to take Cardia Plus, some people who have taking this supplement on a regular basis have found that they have lost a little weight.

Please note however that this is not a weight loss supplement.

What Flavor Is Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) Available In?

At the moment, it is only available in Vanilla flavor. It is very popular amongst it’s users.

How Much Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) Must I Take Everyday?

The recommended serving is 30 grams. Inside the plastic container is a scoop of 15 grams. You will need to take 2 scoops of this with a 200 – 250 ml serving of milk.

30 grams might seem like a lot, but the powder mixes easily without lumps. Best used with hot milk.

Where Can I Buy Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus)?

You can buy Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) online by clicking here.


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8 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions About Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Formerly Cardia Plus)”

  1. I brought Horlicks cardia vanila flavour i find one in yellow colour and another in white colour in the same vanila flavour.i confused.

    1. Heart Sense Team

      Hello. Not really. In fact, users of Horlicks Cardia Plus can lose a little bit of weight. This makes it useful as a supplement for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

    1. Heart Sense Team

      Horlicks cardia plus does not increase blood pressure. It’s high fiber content helps reduce blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. It is a heart-healthy supplement.

  2. Seventeen day before I have find high LDL cholesterol and taking some medication for the same after consulting the doctor. My Blood sugar level is normal as on date. I am already following strict diet and regular exercise to control the cholesterol levels. Shall I use the Horlicks Cardia plus without having diabetes issues.

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