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Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Cardia Plus): 3 Reasons To Drink Everyday

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Horlicks Diabetes Plus is a brand new health supplement with unique benefits that has just been launched by Glaxo Smith Kline. It is enriched with vital nutrients along with their one-of-a-kind Nutriose and Fibersol-2 fiber.

But what exactly are these and why should you drink Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) regularly? Here are 3 reasons why.

#1. Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) Reduces Your Cholesterol

Soluble fiber is a type of dietary fiber that holds onto water and forms a gel. In addition to its known properties of helping maintain normal bowel motions, it also has a number of different protective effects on the heart. Nutriose and Fibersol-2 are designated names for 2 different types of soluble fiber in Diabetes Plus.

A clinical study was performed in  51 individuals who were randomized to placebo or a high water soluble fiber diet for a period of 8 weeks (Jensen et al). It was found that those who had 15 grams per day of highly soluble fiber in their diet had a 10.5% reduction in their bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

This was no doubt quite remarkable, and highlighted the importance of soluble fiber in our daily diet.

Have you heard of RLP cholesterol?

RLP stands for Remnant Like-Particle cholesterol.  Data from the Framingham heart study, one of the largest clinical trials to be conducted in the world of Cardiology, has shown that RLP cholesterol is an independent risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease. RLP cholesterol is closely linked to triglyceride levels.

Diabetes Plus has been shown to have a negative effect on RLP cholesterol. It reduces its levels, and thus protects your heart.

#2. Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) Reduces Blood Sugar Spikes

Have you heard of the term ‘metabolic syndrome’? This is a condition which is characterized by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a condition where the body becomes resistant to the action of insulin secreted by the pancreas. This is a precursor for the development of diabetes.

Most of us Indians are inherently insulin resistant due to our genetic make up. This means we are all prone to developing diabetes, and a large number of us are likely to get it at some point in our lives.

One feature that could indicate poor diabetes control is postprandial blood sugar spikes. These are elevated blood sugar levels seen after a meal. If the postprandial spikes are consistently high, it can raise the average blood sugar levels i.e. HbA1c.

A high postprandial sugar level can increase the risk of heart attacks significantly.

Horlicks Diabetes Plus contains elements that have a beneficial effect in metabolic syndrome management. They help reduce post meal blood sugar spikes, and in turn help prevent pre-diabetes patient convert to someone with diabetes. To paraphrase, it reduces your risk of developing diabetes.

#3. Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Soluble fiber has a ‘filling’ property. In other words, if you have a large portion of soluble fiber in your meal, it is likely that you will feel fuller after having a smaller than normal portion. This is a good thing. Why?

By feeling fuller earlier, the meal portion you eat and consequently the calories you consume come down significantly. If you are someone who exercises regularly without fail, then the reduced calorie intake along with the increased calorie burn from exercise will lead to weight loss in a healthy and safe manner.

There are a large number of clinical studies that have confirmed the inverse relationship between dietary fiber intake and weight. In other words, the more the dietary fiber intake, the lesser the body weight and body fat content.

This is great in managing heart health and diabetes.

Other Benefits

Another major benefit of Diabetes Plus is the ‘zero sugar content’.

Sugar is full of empty calories. Instead of providing energy, it gets converted to fat and leads to increase in body weight.

One reason why you become overweight if you drink soft drinks on a regular basis is the sugar content. The zero sugar content means you can be rest assured you have no added calories and just health benefits alone.

So how much fiber do we really need a day?

Well, our daily requirement is around 25 grams per day, and the more the soluble fiber, the better it is for us. Soluble fiber can be sourced from oats, apples and whole wheat items, to name but a few. However, it is hard to reach the target requirement to obtain any sort of health benefit.

This is where Horlicks Diabetes Plus comes in. Each 30 gm serving will give you around 7.5 gms of high quality soluble protein.

Closing Remarks

Horlicks Diabetes Plus (Horlicks Cardia Plus) is a healthy, balanced supplement with a number of different benefits on the health of your heart and your diabetes. By consuming their recommended 30 gm serving a day, you could improve your overall health dramatically.

Note: Diabetes Plus contains milk powder, and should not be used by those with lactose intolerance. As it is made from wheat and corn, it should not be used by those suffering from gluten sensitivity.


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