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Our health podcasts are aimed at helping you take charge of your health. Every couple of weeks, we will post health podcasts on a commonly encountered health topic that could be of relevance to you.

We hope you like these and look forward to your comments.

#6 – Get Rid Of Stomach Bloating And Acidity

This post links to my article on stomach acidity that you can read here if you wish.

Stomach bloating causes are many, and high stomach acidity is a common reason for visiting a doctor. I have for you some simple tips that will help you get rid of this problem naturally.

#5 – Lifestyle Changes in Diabetes And Heart Attacks – Facebook Live Talk

Unfortunately, the recording is a little blurred due to poor internet signal during recording. However, the audio is clear. I hope you enjoy it.

#4 – Control Blood Pressure Without Medicines

#3 – Chest Pain And Heart Attacks – Here Is What To Do (Video)

#2 – Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

In this podcast, I have discussed what common heart ailments people face, and what steps can be taken to lower the risk of developing heart problems. As always, please do leave your comments or question in the comments section and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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#1 – High Blood Pressure Podcast

In this health podcast, we talk about high blood pressure – a condition which affects millions of people across India and the globe.

Links to relevant articles from this health podcast –

1. High blood pressure – what is it? – Click here

2. Lower blood pressure without medicine – Click here

3. Ambulatory blood pressure testing – Click here

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  1. K Sridhar Rao on

    Thank you DoctorBaliga Sr.and Dr. BaligaJr. That was a most useful discussion on hypertension. I enjoy reading and now hearing through podcasts on the various topics you have elaborated on.

    • Thanks, Dr. Baligas,
      Very Educative Indeed.
      I am one of those under your care and benefitted well.

  2. Fantastic initiative , Doctor….Very useful and Informative..Audio was loud and clear…questions were simple and straightforward…Look forward to more of such podcasts

  3. Thank you Dr.Baliga and Dr.Vivek. That very useful and quite informative about hyper tension.very educative. I received a very good podcast.Thanks a lot. Expecting more like this.

  4. Very nice and informative. Great initiative Vivek..

    Can we include also a hypertensive stage with diabetes..

    Thanks, Murali

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