feeling cold all the time

Why Am I Always Feeling Cold?

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Are you a person who always feels cold no matter the temperature outside?

Do you always require blankets around you or are constantly rubbing your hands to keep yourself warm. There are days when everyone freezes when it’s a cold winter day, but if this is your every day, then there might be something more serious that should be looked into.

Some people are said to be warm-natured (as they always like to be warm), and any deviation in the temperature below their tolerance limit can make them chilly.

However, your chills can indicate a medical condition that needs to be addressed by a doctor. So, what can be the reason for this constant chills and cold feeling?


Anemia is the medical term for low hemoglobin. This means your body has lesser blood than normal in it.

There are many causes of low hemoglobin, which you can read up about here if you wish.

Cold and anemia are often interlinked. There are different types of anemia, but they all indicate a drop in red blood cell count. This decreases the amount of oxygen your body is getting, resulting in feeling cold and chills.

When you lack oxygen, you can get a feeling of cold and fatigue. Along with this, a few other symptoms of anemia include:

a. Pallor – Pale skin is a common symptom of anemia. However, you can see this paleness in your nails (nailbed), lower eyelids, and gums as well.

b. Shortness of breath – You may feel out of breath when you go for your regular walks or climb a flight of stairs.

c. Dizziness – When there is insufficient blood in your body, the brain does not get enough as well. This can cause dizziness.

d. Weakness – Lack of enough blood causes weakness of the body.

The treatment includes taking iron supplements and dietary changes; however, you have to consult your healthcare provider to get the appropriate treatment.

Poor Blood Circulation

The causes of poor circulation can be an obstruction in your circulation or reduced circulation.

People with poor blood flow tend to feel cold, especially in their hands and feet.

feeling cold all the time

There are a number of reasons for poor circulation; however, some might be serious as an acute blockage due to blood clots in your thighs or legs.

This condition needs immediate attention and can worsen if not immediately treated.

The build-up of the plaque in your arteries, known as peripheral artery disease, can also restrict the blood flow and reduce the oxygen delivery leading to you feeling cold.

A condition induced by stress or exposure to cold, called Raynaud’s phenomenon, is another possible cause. The blood vessels of your fingers and toes get constricted and result in low blood supply making you feel cold.


The thyroid gland serves many functions, one of which is metabolism and temperature regulation.

Hypothyroidism is a very common condition in which the thyroid gland produces a lesser amount of hormones as compared to the actual requirement of your body to regulate metabolism and body temperature.

In simple terms, hypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid gland is underactive.

Feeling cold is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is because of poor body temperature regulation, also called thermoregulation.

Our body tries to adjust the temperature to stay within a range. Thermoregulation can be seen during sleep, where the body saves energy by slowing down its process, which makes you feel a bit cooler.

However, without the required amount of thyroid hormones, this can happen even when you are wide awake. There is a reduction in your metabolic rate, causing your body to slow down the processes and result in a low body temperature.

Loss Of Body Fat

Loss of body fat can make you feel cold. It may occur due to various reasons such as:

a. Ageing

Ageing can make you lose fat cells that keep you warm; thus, the lesser the fat cells, the colder you feel.

b. Diet and exercise

Starting a new diet routine or a recent activity can make you lose body fat and thus you may feel cold.

c. Poor nourishment

If you are not eating enough and there is no proper diet, your body will try to consume the fat to generate energy for daily activities, resulting in low body fat levels.

Body fat can help you maintain an average body temperature.

However, adequate nourishment is based on a balanced and healthy diet. Consult your doctor to get a proper diet chart to complete your body’s requirements.

When Should You See Your Doctor?

Is it necessary to see a doctor if you just feeling a little cold?

After all, it depends on environmental factors which can play a significant role.

Exposure to a cold atmosphere can make you feel cold, which is entirely normal.

Special attention should be given to the frequency of your cold and the time frame.

For example, if people are generally talking about how warm it is, and you are still feeling cold, this can be an indication that something is not right.

Paying attention to the symptoms other than cold is also an important aspect. Whenever you feel cold, look for signs such as fatigue, tingling feelings in your extremity, and weakness, which can help identify it is just more than the typical cold.

If your feeling cold is a new problem, makes you feel weak, makes your teeth chatter or you usually don’t feel so cold and notice a sudden change then it’s time for you to seek medical advice.

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