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BMY With Deepak Shinde – How It Got Started And How Great It Is….

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One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet people from different walks of life.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Mr Deepak Shinde, the owner at Holy Alexander and a well renowned public speaker and life coach, who I had met previously as well. He told me about his BMY program, and I had to share it with you.

BMY deepak shinde

For those of you who know me, I have always encouraged people to try their best to take the natural route of getting better – primarily concentrating on diet and lifestyle. It is hard work I know, but it pays rewards like no other.

So when I heard of what Mr Shinde was doing, I just had to talk to him.

For those of you reading this article again, I have included details of the program at the bottom of this page.

He was kind enough to sit with me and tell me about his new program ‘Body, Mind and You’, which he called BMY.

Below is what he had to say. Over to Mr Shinde!

The Start Of My Story..

On the 8th of November, 2016, when the whole country was unsettled with demonetization, I was struggling in a hospital in Mumbai cancelling my flight back home for a major stomach issue.
Lying down in the bed and looking at the reports shocked me because I have been taking care of my health and fitness for now more than 17 yrs regularly.
Reports showed I was fit but not healthy.
It was quite embarrassing as I have taught people to take care of themselves and here I was struggling with my own health.
How will I be able to inspire people to be healthy and fit?
I consulted doctors and found out that I need immediate work on my health. I am 45 yrs young but my biological age was showing 50 yrs old!
My visceral fat (the dangerous one) was 10 and that was high (it should be less than 9), fat ratio was 24.5% that too was high and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) was poor as well.
Like most Indians I too was struggling with low vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 levels. I had a fatigued & stressed body.
This was too much to handle, but my mind is rock-solid and powerful and my emotional strength is beyond comparison.
That’s when I decided to start my “MISSION HEALTH & FITNESS”.
What to do? Which process to follow? Whose help to take?
I knew exactly what to do!!!
As always my faith showed me the way.
All that I have learnt and all the experts I knew came to my help. This is how I got my health & fitness back to rocking times:-
1. I went for complete body detox. This helped me but I realised it had a big loop hole because I saw people being dependent on it and results were temporary, of course not because of detox centres. I found the bridge to gap that loop hole.
2. I started a weight management program. It also worked out in my favour.
3. I formed and practiced a revealed Kriya to me (one of the most powerful & a complete Kriya) that gave me fabulous energy levels to sustain energy for days together. I haven’t had even a minor health issue after practising this KRIYA).
4. I found a combination of right and tasty food to satisfy my taste buds and satiate my hunger (my world knows what a foody I am!). I lost a targeted 7 kgs in less than 3 months to become ideal weight not by starving but by eating enough.
5. I backed up myself with lot of natural & naturopathic treatments. This was even more fabulous.
6. My big realisation was that without getting your mind, emotions & energies aligned along with your body in your favour, it is very difficult task to enjoy this kind of health and fitness forever.
I had seen thousands who are not able to sustain and maintain it for long time. I realised there are a lot of loop holes in people’s approach and they need time and genuine help.

The Birth of Deepak Shinde’s BMY

What was born then was BMY (Body-Mind & You) – a 3-day complete detoxification & wellness program followed with 3 month weight management program.
I put myself through my own program and I helped myself big time.
I felt a new REBIRTH for myself!!!
In next 60-90 days after 8th Nov 2016, I lost 7 kgs…more of the bad fat on my internal organs.
Today, my visceral fat is 7, I have a fabulous BMR, fat ratio % reduced from 24.5% to a mind blowing 18.8%, I have no stomach related issues and the best news is I gained 18 yrs of youth!
Today my biological age is 32 yrs as compared to my calendar age of 46 yrs.
I will be sharing before and after picture soon…..
I decided to take BMY to all those who needed help and whom I could help. As always people trusted BMY & me with their health and as always I have not let them down.
As of now 7 batches of BMY have been completed and results are beyond anyone’s comprehension.
These BMY’s gave us the following results –
1. Max weight loss 19 kgs, a record in 3 months achieved without crash dieting or starving.
2. Average weight loss of 10-12 kgs in 3 months. On an average people are able to drop 1 kg / week with increasing energy levels.
3. People overcame hyperacidity problems of 20 yrs
4. Blood pressure and sugar levels in control for all of them
5. No gastric/ constipation issues.
6. People free from wheezing/ asthma in control.
7. High energy levels
8. Freedom from frequent headaches and respiratory disorders.
9. Improvised food habits without cravings
10. The new DEEP KRIYA helped balance the energy through all 7 chakras and helped people come out of anxiety, depression, suppression and fears.
11. Collectively close to 200 people dropped 2200 kgs in last 7 months!
Below are some testimonials from people who have attended his program.
I was weighing 115.5 Kgs on March 2nd, 2017. Dangerous visceral fat was 18% and that was too high. I was not able to sit down for more than 20 mins, I could not walk even a small distance without heavy panting. Then came BMY in my life, a specialised program initiated by DEEPAK SHINDE. What the 3 days of BMY through those treatments and spiritual/ natural processes did to my life is beyond imagination. Today, 29th June, 2017, I am weighing 93 kgs. I have lost about 22 kgs in about 115 days. My visceral fat has come down to 10% which is close to being normal. Words cannot express my gratitude to BMY and Deepak. They changed my life. Thanks BMY, Thanks Deepak.Mr Gopinath P, Entrepreneur
I was on the border line for diabetes just few weeks back. Thanks to BMY with Deepak Shinde and his uniquely designed Kriya and all natural treatments I’m closely saved from lifetime medication. On top of it I lost 3 kgs and another 3 kgs in last 15 days. Wow! I’m fitting in old sizes. I strongly believe no one should miss BMY (Body-Mind n You)…an experience of lifetime.Mr Prakash P, Businessman
You can find out more about the BMY program by scrolling down. The 8th BMY program will be conducted on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December, 2017, with 30 more health conscious participants and promising them great health!
If you would like more details, you could contact Mr Ravinder Pal Singh on +919845129000. 
I would like to thank Mr Shinde for discussing his BMY program with the readers of my blog.

Details Of The Body Mind And You Program

Many people who read this article contacted me for more information regarding this program.
It is a 3-day detoxification program followed by a 3 month weight management plan with follow up.
Below are some details that have shared with me by Mr Deepak and his team.
body mind & you deepak shinde
BMY Dr Vivek Baliga
For more information, you can contact Mr Ravinder Pal Singh on +91-98451-29000.
Dr Vivek Baliga B
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