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Dengue Fever Explained (Quiz Below)

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Which type of mosquito causes dengue fever?

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Dengue fever is spread by the female Aedes mosquito. The female anopheles mosquito spreads malaria. The males in both the types do nothing.

Dengue fever is caused by a

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Dengue is a virus. There are 4 types. Once you are infected by one, you cannot be infected by it again.

The most common symptom in dengue fever is

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Fever is the most common symptom in dengue. Temperatures can cross 100 degrees F often. It may last for 2 - 7 days. Accompanying symptoms include headaches, pain behind the eyes, back pain and nausea.

How can dengue fever be diagnosed in the early stages?

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The dengue NS-1 test is positive in the first 5 days, following which immunoglobulins start to rise. Platelet counts reduce a little later in the illness. A blood culture will not reveal anything.

What is the most important treatment for dengue fever?

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Complete bed rest is the most important, followed by paracetamol as advised by your physician. Make sure you stay well hydrated.

How can you prevent dengue fever?

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All the above are correct. Prevention is better than cure!

Which of the following can help increase platelet count?

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Papaya leaf extracts have been shown to increase platelet counts in some clinical studies. The juice itself is quite bitter. Capsules that contain the extract are now available.

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