Indian Foods That Are Rich In Iron

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Are you looking for foods rich in iron? Then here is a list for you.

When you scour the net for iron rich foods, you often come across a list that is customised for western populations.

I often get asked by my patients with anemia as to how they can increase their hemoglobin through diet. As some of you may have read in my related post, a low iron level can lead to a low hemoglobin.

Yes, there are many foods that are available that can increase your iron levels. I have compiled a list here for you that I hope you find useful.


foods rich in iron

Cereals such as ragi, oats and brown rice are a rich source of iron. Make sure you have these in your diet regularly.

If you suffer from diabetes, your doctor may refrain you from including some of these cereals in your diet. Make sure you discuss it with them first.

Whole Wheat

wheat sources of iron

Whole wheat items are now considered one of the best foods to eat for a number of reasons. One reason is their high iron content.

When choosing whole wheat foods, try and include whole wheat atta and whole wheat bread in your diet. A wheat bread sandwich is a great snack or even great for lunch if you are dieting.

Have at least 7 portions a week of whole wheat foods.

Vegetables And Greens

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We know that veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals, and one such mineral is iron.

Green leafy vegetables are the best source of iron among the vegetables. Have a portion of spinach or similar leafy veggies everyday as a part of your meal.

Other green leafy veggies you could have include turnip leaves, drumstick greens, mustard leaves (sarso), colocasia leaves and fenugreek leaves (methi).

Other good sources of iron include broccoli, peas and sweet potato.

Fresh Fruits

iron rich foods

Berries are super foods that are now recommended to be consumed on a regular basis. Strawberries are widely available in India, and despite being a little on the pricier side, they are rich in iron.

Other fruits that are iron rich include watermelon, pomegranate and custard apple.

If you have diabetes, it is okay to consume these fruits. Just make sure you don not exceed the recommended quantity by your doctor as the natural sugars can also raise your blood sugar level.

Dry Fruits

what are the foods rich in iron

Dried peaches, dried apricots and prunes are excellent sources of iron. Dates, figs and raisins are also great.

A good suggestion is to keep a small portion of dried fruits in a sealed plastic bag in your car. If you feel hungry, then you can snack on these rather than a pack of unhealthy biscuits.


I have already talked about how great nuts are for health. If you wish to get a shot of iron in your diet every day, then make sure you have a handful of nuts.

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Almonds are the best source of iron. You could also munch on cashew nuts, peanuts and hazelnuts as well. Eat in moderation as they do contain higher levels of fat content in them.

Pumpkin Seeds

seeds good in iron

Recently, the whole seed culture has emerged, and more of us are eating seeds as a part of our diet.


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Bread is now available in your bakery that has seeds sprinkled on them.

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of iron. You could sprinkle a spoonful on your cereal every morning for that added iron boost.

Closing Remarks

Low levels of iron in the blood stream can cause anemia and tiredness. Use these food sources regularly to keep your iron levels topped up!

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