Author name: Dr Vivek Baliga B

Dr Baliga is a consultant in Internal Medicine and Cardiology with an interest in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He received his training in India and the UK where he completed his post graduate training and his doctorate. He then completed his MBA from University of Phoenix, USA. He has completed the post graduate program in Cardiology from Johns Hopkins University and participated in the Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetes from the Cleveland Clinic, USA. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Lipid Management from Middlesex University, UK. He is the managing partner of Baliga Diagnostics, Bangalore. He is also the founder of HeartSense and is a keen advocate of patient empowerment, having written almost every article on this website and more. In his spare time, he enjoys running and spending time with his son. Find Dr Vivek Baliga on LinkedIn here -

Binge Drinking – Is It Really Worth The ‘Fun’?

There are many of us in India who do not consume alcohol everyday, and only do so from time to time. Parties with friends or a get-together with family members often involve alcoholic drinks, with some crossing over to a higher level of consumption. ‘Getting drunk’ with friends seems to be part and parcel of …

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Yoga and Your Heart: Here Is How It Can Help

Yoga has been around in India for years. It is well known to help maintain health, enhance spirituality and preserve vitality. In the recent years, the role of yoga has extended from maintaining overall health to maintaining specific organ health. Heart health is one such aspect. Currently, the American Heart Association recommends that all individuals …

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