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How Drinking Tea Can Improve Health

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We Indians love our tea.

Various kinds of research have been conducted with the aim to find out the possible health benefits found in tea drinking.

Presently, there is growing evidence showing that drinking tea could ward off some of the very serious conditions including dehydration, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Actually, studies show that drinking tea about three cups in a day is better than taking the same amount of water since tea contains antioxidants that boost the health of your body and at the same time help dehydrate it.

The most common types of tea you can get include black, oolong and green tea. However, the popularity of each one of these types differs geographically.

In some regions, green tea is consumed more than in other regions. Although all these types are made from the same plants, the differences in their flavors make them unique and that is because of the differences in the method in which the leaves are processed.

Regardless of the existence of different types, generally, consumption of tea has a lot of health benefits. This write up will give more insights on the health importance of drinking tea.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Below are some of the key benefits of drinking tea

It Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

Tea improves the flow of blood around the body thus ensuring cardiac wellness. It does this by widening the key arteries and essentially reduces the risk of clotting. Moreover, tea contains antioxidants known as flavonoids which are used to slow down the onset and the risk of suffering heart disease. Generally, drinking tea promotes heart health.

health benefits of tea

It Hydrates The Body

Although most people believe that water is the key fluid that can be used to dehydrate the body after a long day at work or a strenuous exercise, studies show that tea drinking could equally serve the same purpose. Unlike water, tea provides great hydration by providing you with a source of water that is rich in flavor.

It Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Some studies have recently shown that drinking tea can reduce your chances of suffering cancer. Although the research is still developing in this area, evidence shows that there are less cases of mouth and breast cancer in people who drink tea.

It Is Good For The Brain

Tea is believed to have some components that strengthen the brain’s memory cells. Drinking tea helps increase one’s attention span thus preventing cognitive decline.

When caffeine is combined with L-theanine found in tea, it improves the reaction time, memory, visual processing and concentration. The brain becomes well organized for the purposes of information processing. Additionally, tea consumption lowers one’s risk of getting Alzheimer disease.

While the primary cause of this disease is not yet known, studies show that drinking tea improves the cognitive scores for those suffering Alzheimer and dementia diseases.

It Helps In Weight Management

Research shows that drinking tea can help with weight management because of the presence of caffeine and catechins elements in it.

Usually, when one gains a lot of weight, they become vulnerable to obesity. Drinking tea apparently could reduce your chances of obesity by helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

Moreover, drinking of black, green and oolong tea increases calorie expenditure hence reducing body fat. Interestingly, tea promotes one type of fat and that is the brown fat. The brown fat unlike the rest is metabolically active which burns calories hence improving metabolism. This also improves mental health.

Tea Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is linked to different diseases from diabetes to the decline in cognitive. In fact, inflammation is now said to be the cause of almost all the chronic diseases. Tea contains polyphenols which are powerful and strong in fighting inflammation. This helps people remain healthy and hinders them from suffering diseases such as diabetes.


To sum up, tea drinking provides the body with a natural substance called polyphenols. This substance is an antioxidant compound that reduces the body’s chance to develop highly chronic diseases.

However, during the processing stage, some of these components can be destroyed and this is why tea powders, bottled tea and decaffeinated teas will not offer your body the same health benefits.

Presently, there is still a lot of research about tea and the health benefits that needs to be done. But this does not dispute the fact that drinking tea provides immense health benefits to the body.

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